Unique posters & wall art | People of Tomorrow
Unique posters & wall art | People of Tomorrow

Refresh you home with high quality wall art!

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Posters | People of Tomorrow

Posters & Art prints

Unique interior posters & art prints for your home!
Explore our wide range of Scandinavian wall art, and
refresh your home with some new prints.


Art Cards | People of Tomorrow

Art Cards

Art doesn’t have to be big to make a big impression.
Our art cards are about the size of postcards, but they’ll brighten up any room with their eye-catching designs.


Acrylic Art Collection | People of Tomorrow

Acrylic Art

This collection consists of artworks made from acrylic paintings, which have been digitally modified, to create an exclusive, unique collection of wall art.


Unique posters & wall art | People of Tomorrow

Gallery Wall

Looking for inspiration for how to create the perfect gallery wall? There are many ways to create a cool layout, and here you can find different set ups with our posters and art prints.

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Unique interior
posters & art prints

People of Tomorrow design unique interior posters & wall art for your home. We have a strong passion for interior, graphic design and creative living. Through our creative world at www.peopleoftomorrow.no we share our love for design and art with the rest of the world. Most of our posters and art prints are created by our designteam, and are printed in our studio, in Kristiansand, Norway.

Our prints are affordable pieces of unique art. We design all artworks by using our creative mind, combining analogue and digital techniques. Our vision is to provide unique wall art that you don’t find in the home of everyone you know.

Explore our creative world, and find unique posters & art prints online. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates and inspo!

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