How to style your home with Warm Blush by Jotun

A gorgeous, dusty red paint color is something we’re obsessing over right now! Warm Blush 2856 by Jotun is the color we are exploring, and we love it! This strong and different wall color has reached the homes of many, should we believe the photos on Instagram! Many are getting more and more excited about colors in their home, and the white walls are being repainted!

Goodbye white walls... Hello Warm Blush!

I never thought I would paint my walls in something other than plain white. But in the last year I have painted with black (Dempet Sort), Blue (Oslo) and green (Minty Breeze). The great thing about wall paint is that if you don’t like it, or you want a change, just repaint it! Painting your walls can make a huge difference, and there are so many gorgeous and interesting colors to choose from! But who wants plain, naked walls? You need some wall art, of course.

Black and white prints will fit in every home, no matter what color theme or style you have chosen. They’re timeless, modern, and so versatile! By looking into this gorgeous wall color, we discovered how amazing our black and white prints looked with it. Pairing greyscale prints with Warm Blush 2856 from Jotun Lady, you’ll get an elegant, fashionable and inviting look in your home.

This dining room got a modern and sophisticated look by combining Warm Blush with black, white and natural elements. Don’t go to wild on the colors, the wall color does the work. If you wish to have an accent color, Jotun recommends green colors such as Green Leaf 8469 and Green Harmony 8252. Create a large gallery wall with monochrome prints, or keep it minimal with a Perfect Duo.

Transform your home into a high-end styled casa with Warm Blush from Jotun Lady, and black and white posters from People of Tomorrow! Want more inspo? Read some of our other blogposts or head over to our Inspiration page.

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