Thoughts on boobs & middle fingers

When I sit down to work on a new art poster, I never really have a plan. The sudden urge to create something just hits me, and the blank canvas is starting to get shapes and colors. Never have I been a fan of forcing myself to be inspired  (believe me I’ve tried.) I usually have to wait for it to come to me, and when it does, I have no idea what the hell the design is gonna turn out to be. Sometimes I might create pieces of shit that never see the light of day, and other times I manage to create a design that is pretty cool and I dare myself to share it with others.


What I really appreciate about my artistic style is the fact that I don’t get stuck on one technique, or that all designs go under the same category. One day I might feel inspired to draw minimal line art, and the next day I’m working on a naked body with a tiger’s head stuck to it. When the naked tiger is not turning out to be the naked tiger I want it to be, I might start drawing a middle finger (which is basically pointed right at my face for sucking so hard at not making the naked tiger correctly!!!!). Then that middle finger art poster is actually starting to look pretty good(?) Like I said, I just design whatever comes to mind in my creative moment. Haha, having a fucked up imagination has really sent me out on an interesting journey!

Sometimes I might be inspired by colors, my surroundings (haha cliché I know) or maybe something I saw in a dream. But usually the main subject of my artworks just emerges as I go. This is what creative freedom is to me. Not having a plan for what I should create. I just create. And I make a lot of cool (read: weird) stuff…



I love making designs that are right-in-your-face kind of art. Right now I have a pair of saggy boobs hanging on the wall in my living room. Because I love when people come over and wall art is a topic they can’t ignore. Not because I made it, but just because I enjoy their reaction of the art poster itself.

I never know what the next piece is gonna be. And that is what being the designer for People of Tomorrow is all about. Creative freedom, the opportunity to create whatever comes to mind and letting my fucked up imagination run wild! Love it or hate it – in art everything is allowed (thank god!)

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