The Minimalist

The Minimalist likes simple designs that fit well with their interior and style. It should be easy for The Minimalist to change the wall art after seasons or wants, so the price of the posters should reflect that. The Minimalist like to stay up to date with trends and possibly prefer abstract motifs with neutral colors.

Is this you? If so, you should take a look at this collection right here!


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People of Tomorrow is an online fine art gallery with loads of unique and affordable art. In our gallery you’ll find a wide collection of prints in a variety of sizes, from 21×30 cm all the way up to 100×140 cm.

Our gallery contains different art collections, such as Open Edition and Limited Edition prints.

Our studio is based in Kristiansand, Norway, but we offer worldwide shipping!

We believe art should be available for everyone, and therefore offer a wide range of unique fine art in different price ranges. Explore our Open Edition and Limited Edition prints, and find amazing art for your home.