Posters that will pop on black walls | Blog


Posters that will pop on black walls

It’s dramatic, yet super cozy and elegant. Black walls have an amazing effect on a room and really makes the interior pop! Choose the perfect art for your stylish black walls, and be amazed by how they stand out!

Painting your walls black is a contemporary trend that can work well with both minimalist and sophisticated styles. Generally, black has a bit of a somber reputation because of its association with the dark and the moody. Alternatively, when we look at interior design, black actually loses its somber qualities and becomes more of a neutral tone that is versatile. In a modern, non-conventional setting, black just simply works. It is an unpretentious color that goes with everything.

“Funky Dude” and “Foxy Lady” look amazing on this black wall!

Posters that will pop on black walls | Blog
Elegance with black and white acrylic prints

Posters that will pop on black walls | Blog
Set the mood with dark walls and furniture, and let these copper acrylic posters shine on the wall!

It used to be thought that smaller spaces had to be painted and decorated in bright, neutral colors in order to maximize the sense of space and light in the room. However, interior design experts have been ripping up the rule book and dispelling this misconception by embracing moody hues in even the smallest of rooms.

Posters that will pop on black walls | Blog
Create a sexy, dramatic look with the “Catwoman” poster

Designing with dark colors can be a bit of a leap for most people. Where white walls feel time-tested and comfortable, designing dark can feel like a huge commitment and even a little risky. But when done right, a dark color palette can lend sophistication, mystique and even a calming vibe to your home.

Posters that will pop on black walls | Blog
Classy and luxurious with golden acrylic art

Posters that will pop on black walls | Blog


Posters that will pop on black walls | Blog
Minimal designs in maximum sizes

Posters that will pop on black walls | Blog


Nothing compares to the way color pops in a dark room! But let’s just point out that texture and layers are an absolute must-have when styling a room in dark shades. The added dimension not only creates a sense of depth, but also allows you to mix things up, easily switch out paintings or details, and therefore keep the space feeling vibrant and fresh.

Posters that will pop on black walls | Blog


Posters that will pop on black walls | Blog


Posters that will pop on black walls | Blog


Posters that will pop on black walls | Blog
LAYERS: Create an interesting, bold look with black prints on a black wall.

Dramatic, cozy and elegant. Black walls are truly an excellent way to make your prints pop. If you haven’t tried painting your walls with black paint before, try with just an accent wall and create a gallery wall! Simple, but very effective!

Ready to decorate your dark walls with eye-popping posters? Shop the edit!

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