Art Cards – A versatile type of art for all occasions

The newest addition to our art collection: Art Cards!

Art doesn’t have to be big to make a big impression. Our art cards are about the size of postcards, but they’ll brighten up any room with their eye-catching designs. With a selection of unique artwork printed on high quality paper, these are a versatile type of art for all occasions.

Art cards can be used for decoration purposes, or together with gifts. Let’s say you’re going to a dinner party, and you’re bringing a bottle of wine for the host. Why not make this hostess-gift more interesting by adding one of our art cards (e.g. Let’s Get Drunk). Or maybe you bought a gift for someone and you’re looking for the perfect card to go with it?

Many of our art cards are miniture sizes of  our posters & wall art. Use them as decoration elements by placing them on shelves, in small frames or place them wherever they may fit! A nice way to showcase your art cards can be by hanging them on wire nets, or use removable adhesive to be able to move them around.

Our art cards are 10×15 cm (4”x6” inch) and will therefore fit in standard size frames and envelopes. The backside is white and has room for a personal message.

Have fun decorating with (or giving away) these little artworks!

Creative Creatures

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