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A Hint of Color

Recently, we talked about the nude and basic trend where brighter interior is making it’s appearance as the season of spring is approaching. But even though the neutral color scheme is drop dead gorgeous, let’s not forget that a hint of color can renew your home and colorful art can make your walls pop!

Have a look at this styling for example! Same furniture, same place but with and without colorful art. It truly makes a difference, right?

Drag the slider to the sides to see the difference.

Before After

New wall art can help make a big change in your home. Our posters are affordable pieces of art, and therefore gives you the opportunity to change your interior by mood, season or style.

Be inspired by our stylings with a hint of color, and shop the posters at www.peopleoftomorrow.no!
You can always find more inspiration on our Instagram: @peopleoftomorrow_

Thea | Creative Creature & Designer

A Hint of Color | The Blog | People of Tomorrow
Olive poster | Give your walls a calm and interesting look with art in olive green color combinations. Make your home feel alive with eye-catching poster art.
A Hint of Color | The Blog | People of Tomorrow
A Hint of Color | The Blog | People of Tomorrow
A Hint of Color | The Blog | People of Tomorrow

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