Acrylic Art Collection

Acrylic Art Collection

Sitting down by the dining table with a blank canvas and surrounded by loads of pretty paint colors is such an amazing, creative escape. I spend a lot of hours, everyday, in front of the computer. So to sit down without digital tools, and still create artworks, is such a great feeling. I’m a graphic designer, and I’m mostly skilled with digital design. But my artistic side has inspired me to try new things, and for a long time now I’ve wanted to try acrylic painting.

I’m kind of a perfectionist, so I worked on this collection for a longer period of time. I wanted to create multiple designs, with various colors and motifs, before launch. After finishing the paintings, I used a scanner and modified them digitally. I love the combination of analogue and digital techniques. Texture, contrast and colordefinition has been a huge focus with this collection. I wanted the texture from the canvas and paint to really show, even though these artworks are scanned and modified in Photoshop, and not printed on canvas paper. It was also important for me to get the colors just right.

This collection consist of artworks made from acrylic paint on canvas, which have been digitally modified to create an exclusive, unique collection of wall art. By combining analogue and digital techniques we have created a special edition of poster art for your home. These art prints are painted with acrylic paint on canvas and modified digitally by our designteam. Printed on high quality paper for an exlusive look. This collection consists of expressive art, rich in contrast, with modern and urban motifs. Shop one-of-a-kind posters and prints here!

I’m so excited for fall to come. Darker evenings, candle light, amazing colors in nature and more time to sit down and create more paintings. Our collections are constantly growing, so follow us on social media to stay in the loop!

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