How it all started (From fashion design to posters & wall art)

After a few years, it’s fun to look back at old pictures and artworks, and see where it all started. I was looking at old sketches, from logodesign to the first artwork, and I remembered how excited we were for the journey we were about to embark on.

But the truth is, we didn’t start with posters & wall art.

Our family has been in the fashion industry for over 30 years, and my mother owns a fashion boutique here in Kristiansand. So it became natural for us to want to involve ourselves in the same industry. My brother and I have a background in graphic design and digital marketing, and we wanted to implement our skillsets to the creation of a small collection of womens clothes.

We designed and produced a couple of high quality tops and screenprinted the artworks, that I made, on them. We had our own workshop where we did the whole screenprinting process ourselves. It was a lot of work, but we loved creating a collection with real craftmanship and authenticity behind it.

How it all started (From fashion design to poster design) | Blog | People of Tomorrow

How it all started (From fashion design to poster design) | Blog | People of Tomorrow

How it all started (From fashion design to poster design) | Blog | People of Tomorrow

It’s funny how you start on a path, and that path brings you somewhere else than you thought you were going. After producing, designing and selling our collection for a while, I suddently got an idea. An idea that should have been more natural for me, as a graphic designer, from the beginning. “Let’s print the same artworks on high quality paper, and distribute them as posters for interior decoration.”

I was proud of my artworks, and got a lot of great feedback on them. People liked our fashion collection, but what made the tops special were the artworks printed on them. So we started creating posters in different formats, and posted them on our online shop. The response was incredible!

From this point on, we started to develope the brand for the interior industry. We sold out the entire clothing collection, and decided to focus more on the wall art collection. I have always had more of an artistic side in my designs, which makes me consider myself more as a graphic artist, than a graphic designer. As a designer you have more guidelines and boundaries to follow. A client will often request something specific, and you have respect those wishes but have your creative spin on it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s superfun to work as a graphic designer, but I’m a rule-breaker. I love to create digital ART. And in art, there are no rules.

How it all started (From fashion design to poster design) | Blog | People of Tomorrow

Angel poster | Artistic poster of a naked woman with black wings on beige backgroundLion Rose poster | Artistic print of a lion holding a red rose.Gentleman poster | Masculine art print of a tiger in suit.

And here we are today. People of Tomorrow designs unique posters & wall art for your home. Our collection is constantly growing, and contains a large varation of prints so you’ll be sure to find something that suits your interior style.

Oh, and btw: We never stopped working on our fashion collection. It’s a project we have as a family, and you can find it here. (Shipping within Norway only).

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