2018: What happened at the POFTstudio?

Now that we are closing in on 2019, we wanted to recapture and review the year of 2018. So much has happened here at the POFTstudio, and we are beyond excited for the new year ahead! Let’s have a look at what happened in 2018:

We started the year off by relaunching our webshop, and creating a better and more user-friendly site. We focused on making it easier for you guys to navigate and shop your desired wall art. We are constantly working on making our webpage the best it can be, and you are more than welcome to give us some feedback at post@peopleoftomorrow.no, if you have any suggestions!

During the end of 2017, we had played around with the idea of creating small artworks for other uses than ordinary wall art. This idea came up during Christmas, when we, as many others, were sending and receiving Christmas cards. I never really found any cards that had a design I liked. I actually thought that most of the cards available where pretty boring and old fashioned. So, in January 2018 we launched our Art Card Collection – “A versatile type of art for all occasions”!

These small artworks can be used as decoration or together with gifts, and as postcards. The backside is white and has room for a personal message. The cards are 10×15 cm, printed on 400gr high quality paper. You can have a look at our Art Card Collection here.

Through the year we have had many creative sessions, and lots of great stuff has been created here at the POFTstudio. In 2018 we have released over 200 new products, all designed by us! So it’s still fair to say that this is 200 unique, new products. of art you don’t find anywhere else. Cause we made them. From scratch. That’s cool.

When summer came along, and the colors around us were so bright and inspiring, we came up with a new idea. We wanted to create a new collection of art that was a bit different from what we already had, and we wanted to try different techniques to create new art. This is when we launched the Acrylic Art Collection! This collection consist of artworks made from acrylic paint on canvas, which have been digitally modified to create an exclusive, unique collection of wall art. By combining analogue and digital techniques we have created a special edition of poster art for your home. You can browse through the Acrylic Art Collection here.

Summer ended, and fall came along. Our creative moods were off the hook this season. We had so many new ideas, we didn’t know where to begin. A large amount of new designs were dropped and new features were added to our webpage. We put together inspiring gallery walls, so that you can find the perfect layout for your home and shop the look directly. See our Gallery Walls here.

By creating these gallery walls, our idea of having an art show started to become more than an idea. We wanted to show people these gallery walls in real life, and give them the chance to see our designs up close. So in October 2018 we had our first Art Exhibition! This was such an awesome night, where people came to hang with us in a creative environment, surrounded by good music and chill vibes.

Through the year we have also gained new retailers and done some exciting collaborations.We also recently added a new, easy to use payment method: Klarna Checkout. With Klarna you can pay with credit card, shop now and pay later or slice up you payment! Klarna makes your shopping smoother!

We have big plans for 2019, and will be launching new stuff already at the beginning of the year. Follow us on social media, Instagramand Facebook, for news and inspo. And sign up for our newsletter to receive special offers and exciting news!

Thank you for staying with us, and welcome all new! We wish you all an awesome new year!

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